School News

Parent Education Network 2012-2013

Each month Emmanuel-(Model) except December and May, wholesale MLB jerseys I am offering a parent education night. Learn about your child’s classroom environment/community and share thoughts and ideas with other parents.

September 6, 2012- The Montessori Classroom and The Prepared Environment/ Care of the Facebook Environment/The Peace cheap MLB jerseys Rose

October 4, 2012-Freedom with Discipline; Wilhelmshorst how the child develops self-discipline/ Lessons in cheap nfl jerseys Grace and Coutesy

November 8,2012 Language-Writing to Read


January 10 2013- Math Concreat to Abstract

February 7, 2013-Cultural Studies/ Community Service

March 7, 2013- The Kindergarten year in the Montessori Classroom

April 11,2013 – Parent Gathering ; the importance of Harris embracing the moment!

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